Things to do

The Westfjords offer an almost unlimited range of things to do. As well as outdoor activities, there are also a wide range of museums and art galleries, as well as good restaurants (largely based around the excellent fish that has been caught locally).

In Winter, Flateyri is one of the best places in the world to see the northern lights. You can also go skiing. It is also possible to go walking, climbing or Kayaking, depending on the weather conditions.

In summer, as the weather gets warmer, there are a number of major opportunities to go sea angling. You can also go Kayaking . Between June and August, boats head out over to the Hornstrandir nature reserve, a part of Iceland abandoned in the 1950’s, and you can spend a day or longer in complete solitude.

Finally, there are all the services you would expect on holiday, including a number of swimming pools, both indoor and outdoor, two golf courses, and a very good selection of pubs and restaurants. The apartment is located right in the centre of the village, and within a few minutes walk of the shop and the pub.

For more information on things to see and do, and a whole host of interesting suggestions, check out the site of the Westfjords tourism board.

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Things to do


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