Getting there

Getting there

Most international flights, including all flights from the UK, arrive at Keflavik International Airport, about 40 km from Reykjavik.

keflavik airport

From Keflavik, the most obvious way to Flateyri is to hire a car and drive, which would take about 6 hours if done in one go. The road follows the ring road north of Reykjavik and then veers off to the left on Route 61, around the northern Westfjords peninsula. The road is paved and there are plenty of interesting places to stop off along the way. It makes a lot of sense to break your journey along the way, for instance around Borgarfjordur, Holmavik, or at Reykjanes.

There is also a longer route, only really possible in Summer – around the southern Westfjords peninsula.This would take the best part of 12 hours if attempted in one go, so it makes a lot of sense to undertake an overnight stop.

Alternatively, you can take a connecting flight from the domestic airport in Reykjavik. Air Iceland fly to Isafjordur airport 2-3 times a day. The flight takes half an hour, and check in time is 15 minutes before departure.

Air Iceland plane (photo credit:

From Isafjordur airport, it is a 20 minute drive to Flateyri – you can either hire a car, take a taxi or get the local bus.

I’ve written a few posts on how to make the most of the trip.

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A new option to fly to Iceland this summer: Germanwings

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Getting there
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