Posted by: neilh10 | December 28, 2014


The apartment is still running strong for 2015. There has been a big increase in tourism in both Iceland and the Westfjords and the place is changing fast. It is certainly no longer the unexplored wilderness it was when I first arrived in 2009. There are now many similar apartments being rented out as holiday homes, and one of the buildings in the village the old bank has been converted to a guesthouse. New restaurants and travel businesses are popping up all over the place.

The growth of tourism is certainly helping to improve the economic fortunes of the Icelanders. From the point of view of a visitor there is now a well developed tourist industry that will help you get wherever you want to go, although the costs are high compared even with other scandinavian countries and it has to be said that the quality can sometimes be variable. Many of the regular tourist destinations particularly around the Reykjavik area are dealing with many more people than they were designed for. Record breaking numbers of cruise ships continue to arrive in ports around the country. Many of the voices that you hear walking around major towns and tourist attractions are now foreign.

Only time will tell where all this is leading. Personally I am quite optimistic that the situation will improve over time. Certainly the prospect of developing the tourist industry may lead people to think twice about more environmentally destructive alternative forms of economic development.


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