Posted by: neilh10 | May 16, 2012

Getting to Iceland: Icelandair vs easyjet.

I just flew back from Iceland via Icelandair.

It is easily a better experience than the tacky, uncomfortable, sardine like environment of easyJet. Flying out from London Luton Airport at 6.40am is just totally ridiculous. Luton is a terrible airport, difficult to get to and with hardly enough seats for all the passengers. And then, you need to queue, STANDING UP, for an hour while you wait to board the plane, prior to the scramble for seats. I can cope with the rubbish seat pitch, but was dissappointed to observe that easyJet have now started playing automated messages selling scratch cards. They really have stooped to ryanair levels, for the most part.

When you think that the flights, coupled with the time spent at the airport, comprise around 10 hours of your trip, then you can start to understand the logic of providing a quality, relaxing, professional experience, which is exactly what Icelandair do. In my view, the only incentive to fly easyJet is if you can get the flights really cheap. Otherwise it isn’t worth the misery you will inflict on yourself by travelling this way.

If you really need to travel to Iceland by easysket, i’d get a decent pair of noise cancelling headphones to try and block out the horror of Luton Airport.



  1. Agree with everything you said. I wonder what Wow Air is like!

    -From an airline snob

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