Posted by: neilh10 | January 4, 2012

Iceland express: always there with the low fares… Iceland £138 return

Iceland express are running another special offer on flights to Iceland, from London Gatwick (and possibly their other destinations as well). It is precisely £0 on the way out, and £7 on the way back which, when you add up the taxes and other charges, comes to £138 return.

The prices are good for January and February.

I really need to think about something else to write about, other than AIRLINES FLYING TO ICELAND.

Happy new year, etc.

Gatwick Airport (Inspiring image of of Gatwick Airport, from Flickr)

UPDATE 06/01

The fares are now gone, and prices gone back up to regular levels, eg £250 return.

As a side note, further to my earlier post on Iceland express, it seems that the airline have survived, which is good news. Following the collapse of Asrtraeus airlines, they are now using a Czech charter airline to run their flights, and it seems to be working out ok so far.



  1. That’s desperately cheap, isn’t it? Because LHR is much closer for me I don’t tend to even check Gatwick airlines but I will check them next time. I flew with them from Stansted once.

  2. yeah, well its a good price and I don’t think they make any money selling seats that cheap. But, amazingly easyJet are still cheaper, when they start flying from Luton in March.

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