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Eating out in Isafjordur.

Eating out in Isafjordur.

Another FAQ is what it is like to eat out in the westfjords. I have written this post about the various places I like to eat in Isafjordur. They are all recommended and in no order of preference:

1. Tjarnahusid.

The Tjarnahusid is Icelands most famous (and best) fish restaurant. It is located by the museum, out by the dock. It is not at all obvious that it is a restaurant, there are no adverts or anything. It is only open in the summer.

I went with a friend on a late August night. The restaurant had already begun winding down its operations for the winter. However, they still ran a fish buffet from 7pm to 8.30pm. There were about eight dishes to choose from, salad, vegetables, soup, bread and coffee included for about 3,900 kr.

The fish was predictably amazing. In fact, it more than lived up to its reputation, in my view. There were three members of the Icelandic Parliament dining on the next table, so I didn’t want to draw attention to myself by taking pictures of the food, somehow it didn’t seem appropriate.

Summary: Awesome fish. Don’t miss it. Expensive.

2.Hotel Isafjordur

The Hotel Isafjordur has a fully equipped, year round restaurant – vid pollin. I’ve only ever eaten there at lunchtime, and always gone for the set menu. At 2200kr, this is really good value for money – you normally get soup and bread, followed by a fish dish, and then coffee. At dinner I think it is about 2800 kr. It’s really good value for money for Iceland, when you think about it. And, the food is very fresh and good quality. Plus, you get a great view of the fjord. I would strongly recommend visiting at the time they re doing the set menus, roughly 12-1.30 daily, and evening (check with the hotel for timings). But, they also have an A la Carte menu, but I must admit I’ve never tried this.

Summary: An all round dependable option, when you are looking for a decent meal.

4 . Thai Koon

Also year round – curry and oriental food stall, in the towns shopping centre. Works very much to a set formula – large portions of curry and rice for ca 1500 – 1800 kr each. Several different kinds of curry are served, all of them follow the same long established formula and are therefore predictably tasty. Very filling, and very good in Winter (it is open year-round), in particular, when it is snowy and dark outside.

Summary: great if you would like a good curry or are particularly hungry.

5. Hamraborg

Multi purpose guitar shop, convenience store, amusement arcade, dvd rental outlet, pizzeria and restaurant. Established 1968. Also, free wifi. Very central location. Decent burgers/fast food for ca 1000-2000 kr. But my favourite is the off the shelf wraped tortillas. (800 kr). The Steak sandwiches get excellent reviews and are meant to be good as well.

Summary: good quality fast food option. Interesting slice of post war small town Iceland-americana.

6. Vesturslod

The Vesterslod is out in the dock, in the same building as the tourist information centre. It is away from the action somewhat, but has a very well stocked bar. The lunchtime buffets, which mostly serve workmen out at the dock, are good value for money (ca 1500kr) . The menu is quite expensive comparatively expensive compared to the Hamraborg but reliable quality – burgers and chips comes in at ca 1700 kr. Also free Wifi, which could well prove to be useful. Popular with University students at the nearby University centre of the Westfjords.

Summary: good option to get a beer or decent coffee, and surf the internet. And good food.


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