Posted by: neilh10 | August 12, 2011

Another Iceland express special offer! Iceland £150

Iceland express have yet another special offer to Iceland between 15th August and 15th September. There are a lot of flights going for £17 each, which when you add taxes, amounts to about £150 return. It also includes luggage.

It isn’t in the leagues of Ryanair or easy jet cheapness, But Iceland is as far away from London as Morocco or Turkey and Iceland express, for all their faults, have made Iceland an accessible travel destination. For this, they must be saluted.

The airline does have a huge amount of detractors, and the flights are sometimes delayed (to be fair though, this has only happened to me once). But the fact of the matter is that this is a very good deal, particularly seeing as it is the summer season. Go check it out!

Iceland Express (interior of an Iceland express plane, from flickr


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