Posted by: neilh10 | July 23, 2011

The Fish Factory. More bad news….

For those who are following the unwanted and uninteresting saga of what is happening to the fish factory in Flateyri…

It was reported yesterday that Toppfiskur ehf have withdrawn their offer for the bankrupt Eyraroddi estate. This is really bad news and I suspect it puts an end to the prospect of fish processing resuming in the village this September.

Looking at the situation from afar it is difficult to know what is going on behind the scenes. There are bound to be other bidders to emerge, the question as always is whether they are credible and are committed to the future of the village. But I guess that for some people in the village it will be the last straw. You can only stay unemployed and on benefits for so long and I wouldn’t be at all suprised if there is an outflow of permanent residents come the end of summer. That’s bad news for the school, the shop, the pub, the swimming pool and the area generally.

Lets hope the government manage to salvage the situation somehow. There have been many promises, but not much has been delivered so far. Meanwhile, there is no guarantee as things stand that the village will retain its bus service. The reality of the situation is that the government are looking to save money, and due to the lack of employment in the village Flateyri is vulnerable, and an all-to-depressingly-easy target.


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