Posted by: neilh10 | March 13, 2011

Air Iceland’s net offers. A good reason to book your summer trip now.

Iceland Air Show - 2010 (From Flickr, credit R. Rafferty)

Air Iceland are currently selling a whole load of tickets from Reykjavik to Isafjordur at 39 euros each way. These tickets are valid throughout the summer, and currently available on many dates in July and August, the main summer season.

If you are considering a visit in the summer, it is strongly advisable that you book your domestic flight now with Air Iceland, for 39 Euros. The next cheapest ticket is 61 Euros, and, with the demand from tourists heading up to the Westfjords to check out the worlds fifth most up and coming travel destination (thanks to the lonely planet!), demand for these flights is likely to be very high.

Flying isn’t the only way to go, you could alternatively hire a car. I weighed up the plusses and minusses of each way of travelling in my earlier post: Getting to Flateyri: Driving vs Flying.


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