Posted by: neilh10 | February 28, 2011

Kayaking in the Westfjords

This is the first in a series of posts, considering some of the things that you can do while on a trip to the Westfjords.

One of the best ways to appreciate the fjord surrounding the village, and the surrounding area, is to get out on a kayak. Most people are sceptical about this idea initially, with vague and uncomfortable memories of school trips and scout camps, and a fear of getting wet. But almost everyone who takes the plunge finds that the experience is one of the highlights of their trip, enabling you to get close to the nature and experience the calmness and beauty of the fjord from a different perspective.

There are two kayak tour operators who operate close by to Flateyri.

In Flateyri, Graenhofei ehf, led by my neighbour the charismatic Siggi Hafburg, offer half and full day trips around Onunarfjordur. The trips are run mainly in the summer season – eg in June, July and August.

The trips are varied based on your experience and confidence levels, but no prior experience is needed. Typically they will involve around three hours in total on the water and cover visits to the local farmsteads and beaches. If you are lucky, you might get up and close with a whale!

Longer trips are also possible, taking in much more of the surrounding area. If you are experienced, it is also possible to rent a kayak from Siggi, and head out on to the fjord without a guide.


North explorers are the main adventure travel business in the Westfjords. They offer Kayak trips right around the region based from their offices in Isafjordur, and operate all year round. Whilst kayaking in the middle of the arctic winter might seem extreme, on the right day the snow covered mountains can create a wonderful backdrop to the sun and the crystal clear water of the fjord.

As well as Kayak trips in Isafjordur, North explorers can take you right off the beaten track – north to Hornstrandir, to the Dragnojokull glacier or beyond. They are constantly looking out for new experiences and can be very flexible and accomodating.

For more information on Kayaking in the area, check out north explorers website , or send me an email at


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