Posted by: neilh10 | December 8, 2010

The Lonely Planet and the Westfjords

Last month the Lonely Planet produced a list of the worlds top ten up and coming cities, countries and regions. The Westfjords of Iceland are number 5 on the list.

Anyone lucky enough to visit Iceland comes back goggle-eyed and open-jawed with tales of an untamed island of volcanoes (yes, including that volcano), waterfalls and unrivalled natural scenery. Unsurprisingly, routes out of Reykjavík and the circuit of the island are well-trodden, especially in summer months. But there is another Iceland:a quiet whisper about a secret and overlooked corner of the country is becoming a clamour that this year might be too hard to ignore. The place is the Westfjords, that oddly shaped peninsula only just connected to the rest of Iceland by a narrow isthmus of land. It’s as isolated as it is spectacular.

Its really good news for the area, and yet another endorsement of the region. But it could also be a good reason to make a visit outside the main tourist season (which lasts roughly from June to August). The weather might not be as dependably good, but you’ll pretty much be the only tourist there and it’ll be much cheaper. So if you want to appreciate the natural attactions of the area unhindered by backpackers and vacationing Icelanders cramming up the roads in 4x4s, consider planning a visit the off season months.


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